Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend

Hey out there.  Seems that Friday is going to be my day to post.  I am sitting here patiently trying to recover from my morning workout.  One thing about going to the gym is that I seem to challenge myself more than I do when I workout at home.  Perhaps it's the fact that I have to actually get ready and drive to the center to do my workout.  I know it's not the money, as the fee is only $39.00 a month.  I haven't researched any other health clubs, but that seems reasonable enough when you have access to an indoor pool, group exercises and every kind of weight and exercise machine that you may need or want.

Sorry, I got a bit off subject there, I was going to discuss the fact that I like to compete with myself.  Each time I go to Zumba I go a little bit faster, or reach a little bit higher so that I still am sweaty and slightly red faced when I finish.  It will be sometime down the road before I am not surprised with the image that I see in that wall of mirrors.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have a poor body image at all, it's just that I'm not used to seeing myself all jiggly and breathless when I look in my mirror.  I usually have a makeup brush or a curling brush in my hand and am in another kind of zone completely.

Oops, I did it again... I was going to mention that even on days that I don't have group exercise to motivate me, I push myself to walk faster and even run a bit when I'm on the track.  I like to use the recumbent bicycle and cross trainer machine and each time, I try to work a bit harder in hopes of building up my strength and endurance levels.

I promise that all of this is actually leading somewhere, so try not to doze while I get to my point.  What point am I trying to make?  Stick-to-itiveness! Yep, that made up word that says so much, it's now in the dictionary.  Perseverance, tenacity, just plain old staying power...whatever you want to call it, it's got to be what makes the world go around.  You just can't get anywhere by fizzling out, or by giving up or by quitting.  If you think you can, you might as well just sit in the floor and cry because you won't get what you want from life.

Having a goal and working for it is healthy.  If you are like so many of us and you sit for hours at a time, try to set simple goals like getting up and walking around the room every hour.  It is so easy to be at the sewing machine, or the art table or surrounded by colorful yarns and forget to move.  Yep, we forget to move.  It's a good thing that breathing is involuntary, or we might forget that, also.  So, let's challenge ourselves this month and at least set a goal to make some changes, and possible move more.  Park at the end of the lot at the mall (making sure you are in a safe spot if you will be shopping until dark), or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Even little things like standing up straight, instead of leaning on the shopping cart will also make a difference in the way you feel about yourself.

Normally, I don't rant about these kind of things on my art blog.  It's just that I think it's important to do my personal best, because I seem to just feel better when I do.  That's why I did a second version of my bucket and tree painting.  I liked the first one I did, which is on the right, but I wanted one that was more transparent and went with the barn paintings that I'm doing.

(Click on the images for a larger version)

So that's what I did this week, as far as art.  I am also thinking of doing another version of the covered bridge in this same fashion, so be on the look out for that.

Well, that's it for me for today.  Hope you are ready for a great weekend.  Take care of yourself so you, too can do your personal best.


Liska said...

Hi, really enjoyed the post. And wow, having the patience to do the same painting twice. You are a legend and aiming for nothing but perfection; nothing less.

I aim to do my personal best, with raising my son :-)

Lots of love and bye for now, Liska x

P.S. I love how rustic the paintings look.

Liska said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL....

I have a thumbnail of your blog on my blog and the new "image" just jumped out at me...

I thought... has she blogged again... so quickly.... but no, you have inserted a cry baby.... I can lend you one if you want LOL.

Ahhhh that's not fair to Aaron... he doesn't cry very often... hee hee

Liska xxx

Crafty Gal Linda said...

The paintings are pretty! Thanks for sharing about your exercise routine and your sticktoitiviness! You are an inspiration.

Peri said...

Sticktoitiveness, huh? Sounds like work. I suffer from you even remember the toit?? I already park fairly far away and walk as much as just seems that the day to day routine keeps me at the desk or in the car more than on the feet! Is it okay to use a slight case of sinusitis and rhinitis as an excuse? Please??? Actually, I think I may be lazy after all.
The paintings are nice...the do-over second painting shows nicely your growing skills!
I finished a pastel piece this week and did a quick big brush oil lesson for a couple of friends who are "afraid" of oil painting..thought about you and your work....Keep on keeping on, kiddo!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, thanks fo rthe comment on my latest blog, I have lots to do there so keep watching.I liked your post re your routine to keep fit.
You are so right in everything you said, it all works if you have stickibility, my word.
I took 30lbs off 2 yrs ago, and am now about 160lbs(72-4 kilos) good for my height, quite tall.
I do sit here too much tho, so have to move as you say.
We also forget to Blink when we sit at the comp too long dont you think.
You have made us think ,so good for you.
BTW my Red hat has already had an outing with a friend this month, and I will be wearing it to our Village Xmas Party, so thanks.
lots of love E. XXX

Liska said...

thanks for stopping by... we've loaded up Santa Baby :-)
come take a look.
photo is for our xmas card :-)
Liska x

Nezzy said...

This is great girl. I always make little games outta chores while uppin' my efforts. Yep, I can carry another log, I can run faster and jump higher. Heck, sometimes here on the life depends on it! Heeehehehe! :o) (not sure why I'm laughtin'...I'm dead serious here)

You picture is wonderful a always!

God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

Liska said...

thanks for visiting Auntie Susan. x

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Amen sister!! Keep up the fantastic work both personally and artistically! You rock! ♥