Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just as promised...

I guess I should touch base with folks about what's going on in my part of the world. Two weeks ago an incident with a bat in our basement was going to be part of my next post and as creepy and disrupting as it was then, it just doesn't seem blog worthy today.

Yesterday we felt the vibrations from an earthquake here in our state of Virginia and I thought for sure that would be blog worthy.  Alas, after hearing all the comments made by folks on the television that have been in real earthquakes about how silly we acted about it all...not blog worthy. Just not feeling it.

I spent the last several weeks working on making bracelets, some of which turned out pretty cool...but once again they probably aren't blog worthy.

This first one was a second hand bracelet, that I wire wrapped with pink wire and added clear plastic beads from a second hand necklace.

This is a polymer clay bracelet embellished with wire and leather cording tied in knots for some texture.

While this one is polymer clay painted with the ever present gold leafing pen, wrapped in wire and embellished with Tim Holtz gears, held on with black polymer clay fashioned to look like screw-heads.
These last two are polymer clay bases covered with randomly shaped chunks and pieces of polymer clay. Good way to use up scraps. Then carved and baked, after which I highlighted them with ivory acrylic paint.

My hubby is working very hard at revamping my clothes closet. The before pictures I took just don't do justice to how old fashioned and non-functional it really was, so that turned out to be not so blog worthy.

Hubby tore down all the old shelving and rods and is putting up new white shelving. It's very nice and bright. Having a carpenter for a spouse is a good thing. After shots will be forthcoming.

Now you probably know by now, I'm normally a very happy, upbeat gal.  I like and appreciate most things. When it comes to art and crafting, if I find something interesting, I usually Google it and check it out online and then proceed with my take on it.  It's just this...I don't get physically excited over things.   Shoot, sometimes when something is really funny, I don't even laugh, I just say "now that's really funny".  I'm laid back. Always. So when I say something is lovely or that I really like it, I mean just that. So don't think that I don't. If you want me to jump up and down to prove how much I love something, you will probably be disappointed.

I'm not sure how any of that that applies to this post, except to say that with the bat, and the earthquake and my clothes closet being remodeled, plus the silly bracelets, this is seemingly a non blog worthy post.  I guess sometimes that's just the way it is. Glug.

Don't forget to send photos of your work area and/or your current projects to be the topic of future posts on Where We Really Create.  We are showcasing Jenny B. this week and be on the lookout for my friend Kristen next week.  My favorite sibling will be the next week.  So keep those cards and letters coming and we'll talk again soon.

Please forgive the typos, this stupid blogger is making me coo-coo, and I may not have corrected them all.


Peri said...

Well, having been through a couple of decent 'quakes myself, I would say that the VA 'quake was worthy of complaining about!! I am glad I am in the part that seldom shakes!
Really like the bracelets and I seem to like the polymer with the gears the best...very cool idea. I also tend to not be demonstrative about liking things, but I tend to believe other people always are...isn't that ODD?? Oh well, I DO like the bracelets...the rather chunky ones with the ivory paint are great fun and would be nice for beachwear...hard to find non-plastic beachy bracelets that aren't "tacky".
Glad you survived the big 'quake. And glad you are still doing this blog!!

Artgalcrafts said...

Hi Susan, as I know it any earth tremor is worth complaining about or blog worthy as you say. They are such eerie things and you dont really know how bad they are going to be ,or what real damage they are going to do,so you blog em for all your worth, we who have been thru a few know what you mean.I was even thrown from one side of my kitchen onto the stove,and another time had to jump out of bed and grab onto the door jab, the safest place they say, with all the crckery and ornaments cliinking around down the passage.
Dont know what is happenning to the world, when places like where you are experiencing theses.
Love your bracelets, and Im sure you had a great time producing them.
I am still working on Polyclay, but havent blogged for so long.
bye for now
lots of love
Elizabeth K.XXX
P. S. dont like the sound of that Hurricane, Irene bearing down on New York. What next.

kathyj333 said...

Susan, I know what you mean. Lately, I've felt that I don't have much to blog about. Sometimes i think my comments on others' blogs aren't really that comment worthy.

Kristen said...

These bracelets are gorgeous, Susan! You are so talented. Every time I come to your blog I am thoroughly amazed by you!