Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guess who we met?

I'm still a procrastinator when it comes to taking photos of all the art jewelry I've made recently, but that doesn't mean I don't have a new picture. Recently we got to meet a sweet gal.  You may know her from Saturday Night Live fame, but she has done so many other things and continues to be a real go getter.  We met her at a meeting of like minded folks in our area and she was so gracious and happy to pose with us for this picture.

 It was extremely hot, with the sun beating down on us, but not too hot for coffee

Yep, it's Victoria Jackson.  She was a sweetheart, just a down home Southern Gal who made it big.  She had a big smile for everyone and when she admired the necklace I was wearing, one I had made a while back, I gave it to her.  Hopefully it will hold up to her active lifestyle (she still stands on her head) and now I can say a celebrity wears my designs.

You might even remember the necklace shown in the photo, if not or if you're a new reader, you can read about it in more detail here.  It was a blog post from 2009.  Sure hope that Vicki doesn't mind wearing a prototype. After seeing it on her I just might have to assemble something similar based on that design.

Well, now that the earthquakes and eye exams are over and there are no longer bats in the basement, I can mosey on down to the studio and create something fun and fab.  I'm currently trying to perfect my bangle bracelet design and I think I've come up with an unusual armature that just might do the trick.  So with that in mind,  I'll go throw some clothes in the dryer, put on my thinking cap and skedaddle.

Have a great week and remember that there is an artist in all of us.


kathyj333 said...

Too cool.

JENNY said...

I remember her! That is wonderful!!

Parsley said...

That is so coooool! She is funny but really intelligent. I read some of her columns online.

Thanks for your comment today. Made me laugh and at the same time made me wonder why I've never put it quite that way. Simple and to the point. LOL

Peri said...

Looking good there, Kiddo! So you are now a designer for the celebs! Cool. I really like that piece and I had forgotten all the work that went into it. Really nice finished item! Glad all is going smoothly! Glad you are DH are having fun. Summer is almost officially over....fall's a'coming!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

You already know I think this is the coolest thing EVER! : )

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations on your fab celebrity style. Ya'll look like your havin' waaaay to much fun.

I've sure missed ya over this very busy summer girl.

God bless and have a most beautiful day my friend! :o)

Mary C said...

I remember her! Great picture. I also like the pendant alot. Seeing it closer up in the link photo you really can see all the wonderful layers.

BlueRidgeLady said...

What a great picture! How cool that you both got to meet her, and that she admired your necklace! How could you NOT give it to her? Looked great on her and how exciting for you that a celebrity liked it and "owns" it now my talented friend! Awesome!!