Thursday, July 5, 2012


Picture this.  Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner getting along well enough to get up on the roof and chainsaw (that's a verb in these here parts) limbs off a tree so it is no longer a danger.  Wile E. (who is wearing very low slung cut off jeans, no skivvies and possibly Crocs), is going to have a severe case of crack sunburn tomorrow. Road Runner is carrying a branch at a time in her beak/hand.  It's 90 degrees before eleven a.m. and no doubt Wile E and RR are hungover from the 4th of July festivities. It seems my neighbor has "saved" a bundle getting his kids and spouses to take care of the results of Friday's derecho wind event.

Such are the viewings from my computer room window.  How is your day shaping up?


Peri said...

Your window sure is more interesting than mine! But your description allows me to enjoy the hilarity all the way out here..I wondered where Wile E had gone....
Sure sorry for everyone there..It is actually a tad chilly here..60 degrees this morning and at 8 last night it was wind, but a bit cloudy..
Poor Wile E and the Road Runner...when the anvil finally falls, try not to laugh too loudly.

Susan said...

Ten hours later and the saga continues. Now they has an extension ladder and are going to try...something else. Meep, Meep!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Wile E. formerly known as Phil McCracken.
Enjoy the view!
:> )
P.S. Thanks for the visual.

vivian said...

thats quite a vision! Im thinking crack sunburn would be very uncomfortable!
out my window, from here, all I see is a hydrangra bush up against my neighbors house! Its always pretty quite and still around here. except on friday and saturday nights when the golf course has weddings... then the annoying music flows through the yards and into our world.. and annoys us! oh well.. such as life. lol!
have a great weekend susan!