Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just popping in to say hello, Happy Halloween and to let you know that we weathered the storm quite easily.  We had high winds and some snow flurries but kept our power.  My husbands hometown received about 15 inches of snow, but blessedly we were spared that.

Hubby and I are going to a Romney/Ryan rally tomorrow so he went to see his barber to get spiffed up a bit.  Normally one doesn't post a picture taken with one's hubby's barber, but today is different...

 Remember to click on the photo to see a larger version.  And no I'm not wearing contacts, my eyes are cat green

When hubs called to tell me that Rocky was in full regalia, I told him to come and get me and we could take pictures of her.  I grabbed a holiday themed necklace, drew on some 60's styled eyeliner and called it a costume so I could be included in the pictures.  You know it's always about me, me, me.

Did I mention last post that I was making a quilted handbag?  I went through my fabric stash, found some fun fabric, quilted it and using a commercial pattern came up with this...

I do have to admit that the current trend of Vera Bradley quilted bags did influence my most recent sewing project, but I have had the pattern for about five years and the fabric just as long.  The pattern called for pre-quilted fabric or quilting your own, and as I mentioned,  I opted to quilt my own.  I used the contrasting trim fabric for the other side of the fabric, eliminating the need for a lining.  I added an extra pocket on the outside and adjusted the pocket inside to fit my lifestyle.  I carried it today for the first time and it was very comfortable. I used Butterick pattern #B5197 if you are interested.

So that's it for today.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with pictures from the rally.  Remember that Tuesday is election day and it's a privilege to vote.  Make your voice heard and vote intelligently, not emotionally.

See you soon!


suze said...

Hey there! Your bag is fabulous! I like the colors.
I am planning a new bag made from unfinished needlework projects. I'm in the gathering stage right now.
We also survived the storm.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Great photo, Peachy! Love your long hair! Wow, you really do have green eyes. Gorgeous!
Have fun tomorrow. Snap lots of pics.

We lost power but thank the Lord, it didn't last long. So much devastation in my state and New Jersey. :> (

Looking forward to next Tuesday. Wild horses (or hurricanes)couldn't keep me from voting.

Peri said...

Well, I like both costumes...yours is Susan-retro! I also like the quilted bag...I never once (I am too dense to exist) thought of making my own..yep, I bought the Vera Bradley! The fabric on yours is great!!
Glad you made it through the storm okay and hope all other readers of this blog managed the same.
Definitely going to vote! If ya don't vote, ya can't complain!