Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Saturday (or Frankenstorm Eve)

Well, we aren't supposed to get much of the rain from the storm, but you never know.  We went out yesterday and got some additional nine hour candles and an emergency crank radio. 

We had just gone to the store Thursday, and have plenty of food on hand.

The front yard is raked in case of an early snow...

 (yes, we have to rake even though we have no trees in the front yard...)

 and green beans are on the stove.

We will be spending the evening catching up on the shows recorded on the DVR and waiting to see if we even get one drop of rain.  I am not being snarky really, I am thankful that we aren't in the direct path of the hurricane.  It's just that the media tends to want everyone to freak out over everything and especially near Election Day they are already running around like Henny Penny telling us the election may have to be postponed.  I, for one, am not a "freaker outer" so boo and hiss lame stream can't scare me.  I'm prepared and will hike to the polls (in case of Zombie attack) if required.

With all that being said, enjoy the rest of the weekend, try to stay safe if you are in the direct path of the storm and remember that now and always, God is in control.  Do your part and things will be as they should.



vivian said...

Im thinking we will definitely be feeling some of the effects of this storm. Im going out in the yard this afternoon to put stuff away. It needs to be done before winter anyways.
enjoy your green beans! lol!
happy sunday

Peri said...

I will NOT be getting the effects of Frankenstorm;however, I have had power outages and deep snow when I lived back East. So I understand being prepared! Here we have earthquakes and since we get no warning time to prepare, we must stay's a way of life! I was a Girl Scout....
I am not having green beans, but I did have fresh garden corn last night with fresh lima beans...not quite the same thing though. I need to get the lawn furniture in-thanks to Vivian for the reminder! Best of luck to all waiting for rain and/or snow. Trust in God and enjoy the downtime!