Sunday, November 18, 2012

My, my, how taste does change

I have always been a "rocker".  I loved the British Invasion and every electric guitar fed genre that followed them.  Marrying a musician just seemed to be a natural step in this  progression.  I really wasn't that into rock until high school and even then I marched to my own drummer.

Being a fan of The Monkees, Paul Revere and the Raiders and Creedence Clearwater Revival didn't mean that I didn't have time for groups like Queen and Led Zep.  The thing is, lots of my memories are from listening to the radio.  I had lots of albums, but I was quite selective in purchasing them. Therefore I know lots of songs and liked them, but didn't really know who the group was.  My hubby is like an encyclopedia of musical information.  He knows a little about almost all of it, but he know a lot about rock and classic country.  Over the years, he has introduced me to bands that I liked but really didn't know.

This week we watched a documentary on Jeff Lynne so, Timbo has been playing his music in it's many forms and bands for me to absorb.  Gotta love it.  Yesterday we were listening to classic country on the music stations of the cable tv and so many came on that I remember and really liked.  I got a mini lesson on country music and found out that I have even liked a certain type of country music, I just didn't know how to explain it.  He likes bluegrass, which is not may favorite.  People have asked me what I don't like about bluegrass and I always say, "if it just had some electric guitar and some drums and maybe a bit of keyboard" I would really dig it.  I like the twangy-ness of the vocals and just want it to...well, rock more.  The following song came on and I got excited because I remembered it from my youth and I said, this guy!  I really like this guy!  To which my husband (and he should know) said this guy is a "long hair".

Well, this guy turns out to be John Anderson and his sound is more what I would call cowboy country or country swing.  You might remember this as a bit of a novelty song, but he sounds just the same now as he did back then.  Here he is from back in the day, Swingin.

He has a crazy twangy voice and not the shiniest spoon in the drawer, but you gotta love this song.  In fact, go to YouTube and check out his videos.  This is what I think bluegrass,(and shoot, all country music) should sound like, electric with drums and keys.  Rock on long hair, rock on!


Peri said...

Gee, even I remember John Anderson! I haven't thought of that song forever...but I still like it. While his voice is indeed crazy twangy, at least you can understand what he is singing! I agree with you on is a bit "whine-y" (is that even a word?) for me. I am a fan of easier music..old style ballad..Eddie Arnold was a fav when I was younger. But as for the music needing electric with drums and keys? Nothing wrong with an acoustic guitar all alone...

Delena said...

I love old country music more than the new stuff. Loved John Anderson too. I also love Hank williams Junior. Your post brought fond memories of all the music we have enjoyed and still enjoy to this day!