Saturday, May 25, 2013

A couple of pictures...

Nothing much going on here yet.  It will probably be another two or three weeks before my remodeling starts.  In the meantime here are a couple of everyday pictures.

Here I am wearing my new prasiolite earrings.

Went to the yearly gem and jewelry show at the nearby civic center.  Got a pink beaded bracelet that I don't have the time right now to make myself, and it was only ten dollars.

Got a matching prasiolite ring (some call it green amethyst, but that's not actually the case). There is no such thing, but if you heat a purple amethyst, it turns a lovely shade of green and I like the look of the set that I chose.

I got some nice silver toned spacer beads and a strand of blue fire agate faceted beads.  The colors really spoke to me. I could have gotten them cheaper online, but there is just something about holding the beads in your hand (not to mention the convenience of taking them with you) that makes the few extra dollars worth it. 

The stone in the other ring is larimar.  It's a stone that I wasn't familiar with but apparently is found only in the Dominican Republic and has become so popular that they may become harder and harder to find.

I kinda splurged on the large piece of polychrome jasper (desert jasper) that will look lovely in my new sun room when it's completed. Desert Jasper is a new find, coming from Madagascar and it's really lovely.

Last but certainly not least, I had to really splurge on this next item.  It's my sister's fault.  We were talking about our love of sugar wafer cookies and I mentioned that those cookie making elves had some chocolate covered cookies of this type, I thought they were called grasshoppers, but that's another delicious cookie made in a hollow tree.  So this is my weekend treat...

I do hope everyone has a good weekend and remembers what the real Memorial Day is about. 

Here is my sister Peri's take on things.  Hope she doesn't mind me sharing her FB status.

To all those folks who lost loved ones in wars fought by this country..whether they were or were not "sanctioned" or whether or not they are today considered "improper actions" or "rebellions"... men and women died and May 31 is the day chosen by women in this nation to remember and to honor "the brave fallen". So have your barbecues, your parties, your sales, your drunken sprees this weekend and on the Federal Monday holiday, and then on May the 31st, stop, be quiet, be sober, and reflect on what it means to give up one's life for one's country. Remember them ALL, from ALL the wars, from ALL the countries, shed a tear, say a prayer...but do not belittle their memory. You walk free and proud and can say you are an American because of them.

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

You're so adorable, Peachy. Love this pic!

I know nothing about gems, but everything in your photo looks so pretty.

Amen to what Peri typed. Sadly, our great country is taken for granted by many these days.