Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remembering Salvation Mountain

I was so happy to see that Yahoo had done a beautiful video of Leonard Knight returning for a visit to Salvation Mountain. Tim had found out about the mountain while searching online for unusual things to do in California. I told Peri and she and Peg made arrangements for us to visit the mountain as a surprise for Tim's birthday in 2008.  I did have to tell him ahead of time, but that didn't lessen the joy and excitement that Salvation Mountain held for us.

We stopped by Home Depot on the way and got several gallons of vibrant paint to help keep the mountain alive...

You see Marc and Tim unloading paint and brushes and other supplies to help spread Leonard's message of "God is Love".

Tim did a short video of Leonard giving his famous thumbs up, "let's everyone love one another", signature message.  This is so sweet, as Tim had done the thumbs up for his entire life.  He tried to be a really positive guy. Even in this quick photo, you can see the joy on Tim's face.

Our buddy Marc drove us out into the desert of Niland, California to experience Salvation Mountain.  Marc was a sweetie, helping me to climb to the top of the painted mountain, holding my sunglasses when needed and even taking pictures of Tim and me...

It was a fun vacation, a most exciting birthday for Tim and now another wonderful, joyful memory of time spent with my husband.

As I mentioned, this post was brought about by a video that appeared on Yahoo today about Leonard returning to the mountain.  It's about seven minutes long, and I hope you can find time to watch it.  Try to ignore the not so family friendly commercial that precedes the video that hopefully can be seen here

Have a great week and remember that God is Love!  


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Been thinking of you.

Oh yes, I remember reading your post about this trip. ♥
A very cool place indeed.
I don't believe in cloning, but we really need to clone Marc.
:> )

Peri said...

It was an interesting adventure for you and Tim...and Marc. I am glad you got to do it. A lifetime memory sort of a day!
On another note:
I agree with Countryfolk Keepsakes: Marc should be cloned!! I know several people who "want one"!!
I will also put in the YOU should be cloned...there would be a waiting line...