Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm still around...

Just wanted everyone to know that I'm OK.  I've just got a lot going on right now.  Signed a contract for a remodel of my garage into a sun room and if they do it as nicely as I think they will, more  improvements to the house are in the near future.

I have tree people here today and tomorrow and my landscaper is working up a proposal for some work to be done this summer.

Getting ready for the remodel will required cleaning out the garage, donating items and storing others.  If I  decide to have the kitchen updated, that will also require packing and moving items to other areas of the house.  Well, I think I'll have plenty of help and I'm still in good enough shape to pack and move some  items myself.

Life is moving forward in a positive fashion.  I'm feeling good about things and settling into a new routine.  I still check out your blog (even when I don't comment), so keep me posted on all your "goin'ons".

Take care and we'll talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... you will get great use of a sunroom! How nice!

vivian said...

Glad youre doing well Susan. Nice that you are able to make the changes around your home that will make you more comfortable and happy!
we need to do some fixing up here.
have a great week my friend!

Peri said...

I suggest that once every coulple of weeks you take a quick break and post a couple of shots of the trip or the goings on, just to give yourself a break from "work".
I know this because my house has been in a near constant state of having something done for absolutely years now!
We are all interested!
Love you!