Sunday, August 25, 2013

Don't you love it?

Ahhh, that old catch phrase of Paris Hilton.  It really says what I want to today.  Here are a few new shots of the ongoing remodel...

 Here you see where we are on the screen porch.  We are awaiting spray washing of the deck, then the uprights will be wrapped in vinyl and the rails will be installed.  Electrical outlets will be worked in and then a fan will be installed.  Seriously, don't you love it?

After having completed the work of bending the metal to wrap the front door opening, they will soon caulk it and call it finished.  Several coats of paint on the door and the picture will be perfectly framed.

I had them replace the dated panels under the windows with the same cedar tongue and groove that they used on the studio and I am really pleased with the results.  The other was soooo 1970.  I really like the change up of the porch light, just another bit of continuity that is making this remodel so smooth.

Last but not least, here I am showing a picture of eight extra night lights that I found in a Lowes bag this morning.  My crazy coot of a dead husband must have had plans for these, but who knows what that was.

Well, with that being said, I hope you like my pictures today.  They are starting to seem so "same-y same same", but it is what it is.  Love you and we'll talk soon!


Sea Gypsy said...

It really looks great! Really a nice job.

NanaDiana said...

I do love it and the updated windows is a great idea. Wonder what he bought those things for? xo Diana

Susan said...

My late husband had the idea that whenever he found a product that he liked, it would soon be discontinued or changed. Therefore when he found something that fit our needs, he stocked up on that item. That is why there is a bag under the sink in my powder room that contained 35 packs of dental floss. Sometimes staying prepared floated over into hoarder-ville. I'll find a use for them, if not they will be donated. That's how I roll :)

vivian said...

Im glad youre able to make all these cheerful changes in your home after losing your hubby. I think its good medicine!
and it all looks fantastic!!!
have a great week

Tina said...

It's really looking wonderful and is turning into a nice retreat for you. Love the new light and that porch is going to be dreamy.