Monday, September 2, 2013

Wait, this is not beaded...

I had good intentions of doing some bead weaving and making some of my shoulder brushing earrings. I set up everything that I needed, I thought...

but, as luck would have it, (that and having my house in disarray for the last three months), I could not locate my beading needles and thread so it's off to Michael's I go.

Michael's really didn't have exactly what I wanted, but that didn't stop me from shopping which lead to getting some supplies for a fall wreath. 

Actually I think it's too full. Not enough of the grapevine showing, plus it needs some green.  I think I'll take a break before I go back to Michael's.  It's 4:30 and the temp has finally dropped back down under 90 degrees, so maybe if I wait it will cool down even more.

Please feel free to give me your take on the grapevine wreath wrapped with the leaf garlands.  I even hot glued faux gourds to the piece.  It's pretty, but not quite what I had envisioned (in the 33 seconds that I actually thought about it)  My mind was still pretty much on the finger that I had just gotten pinched in the leg of the card table as I tried to un fold it.  At least I didn't burn myself with the glue gun.

Well, that's it for now, except that my remodeling is continuing, as now the rest of the house looks sad and in need of updating, so one of the crew is going to take on the inside upgrades as a side job and will be working nights and weekends to save me some moolah.

I'll be posting pictures of that also.  Happy September, by the way and keep on keeping on!

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Peri said...

I really like the table and chairs in the new room. It is nice to see it is finally ready!!
I actually like the wreath ( or reef as my little brother called it back when he was young). The gourds are a great touch and the fullness makes me think of the lovely leaves in VA in the front yards..looks like they blew onto a wreath and stuck there!
Nice work. Also smart to keep getting little re-do jobs done...a bit at a time and before you know it--a new house!
Happy September to you as well!