Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting ready for the holidays...

If you remember in my last post, TD had put up outdoor lights for me.  Well his daughter, Chelsie, and I have been hanging out almost daily since she came back to live with her dad and we always do fun things.  After one day of running around shopping or some such thing, we started talking about holiday foods and baking and cookie making and we decided to make some sweet treats.

We went and got all the fixins for white chocolate covered pretzels and covered oreos and peanut butter swirl candy.

My word, we made a huge mess, but Chels cleaned up everything and we had a blast.  Here is the finished product.  The results do not look like those fancy cooking shows, but it's the laughter that matters most.

So now that Thanksgiving is over, Chelsie is helping me clean my house.  I'm pretty sure I won't have a house full for Christmas, but just in case we do I thought the main bath would be the best place to start...

Am I the only one that lets this happen to the storage area under the sink?  I'm so bad about not using all the shampoo or conditioner in a bottle.  I had been meaning to pour all the remaining shampoos in a bottle and creating a "custom blend" in order to keep from tossing them away...I just never got around to it.

My energetic, flexible helper took on this task and many others today and really didn't think a thing about it.  So you saw the before picture of the sink, here is the end result...

 I think it's funny that every time she asked for something I have it.  She says "what you need is a nice basket to put everything in" and I just happened to have the ones that came with the new furniture in the studio. I really don't have everything, so we made a list of things that we need to shop for tomorrow, and that will be fun.

Speaking of shopping, I got an early Christmas gift from my sister Peri.  They found the most wonderful creations by Jay Strongwater and I was the lucky recipient of this sparkly and unique ornament.

My sister knows that I really have mixed feelings about monkeys and when we saw this on the website, she just had to get it for me.  Even though this monkey is a little scary, I still love it. Thanks Sis!

Well, Chels is coming back tomorrow for more house cleaning and her brother Shannon has been helping me, also.  They are both between jobs at the moment and my house is getting clean and organized, so I plan on giving them each a piece of money for all their work.

Well, that's it for now.  Just wanted to let you know what is happening in my world.  I'm sure there will be more fun things in the future.  Just hanging around with a nineteen year old is fun in itself.  Stay tuned for more adventures.  We'll talk soon.

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Peri said...

It is great to get help when you really need it and from the looks of that sink cabinet...well I am glad they arrived before that area developed space technology!
Glad you like the monkey...he cannot jump off his stand and fly, so you are safe!
Glad you have some friends around for Christmas..ours will be quiet...unless you decide to visit?
Keep having fun and letting us all know the adventures!