Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey, Y'all...

I know I have been waiting far too long between posts and for that I apologize.  I'm certainly not slammed with chores or worn out from working, I'm just triflin'.

Things are good here.  My Christmas lights look so good under a December moon.  Even my very picky neighbor told me that my lights were the best in the whole subdivision.

I was somewhat surprised that this shot turned out so well.  I used the automatic setting and I braced my arms against my chest as a tripod.  That, in itself, was quite a feat, but I digress.

Inside, I have had superb organization going on, thanks to Shannon (Chelsie's brother).  He has cleaned, and organized and taken a pick up load of trash to the dump.  Next on the agenda is to move some more of my art supplies upstairs and to do that we had to make room in the office.

He took down the extra desk and moved all of my computer peripherals to the other side of the room.

He actually enjoys doing this type of thing and offers up a fist-bump to prove it. He may have been doing a superhero pose, I'm really not sure.  One thing that was for sure is the spaghetti mess of wires that he had to tame.  He finally got everything in order and all the cords hidden.

At first I had been hesitant to have my back to the window, after facing the other direction for ten plus years.  BUT, as you all know, I am flexible and more than willing to try new things and guess what!!! I'm digging it.  The window was totally a distraction and I don't feel claustrophobic at all.

I have been on a raw veggie kick this week and yesterday decided to make some fresh spinach dip to go with the crudites.  I simply tore the bagged spinach into small pieces and then used my kitchen shears to  snip them even tinier.  I took a small container of low fat sour cream, some mayo and that old pantry standby, onion powder and mixed it all together, tasting as I went.  I went light on the salt in case I wanted to also use a cracker for dipping.

It did turn out tasty and as you can see here...

I just cannot seem to create anything without making a huge mess.  Yep, whether it be art supplies, cosmetics, or food, I usually find myself in a tiny space of about ten inches in which to create whichever masterpiece I happen to be working on.  I know if I put everything back as I used it...blah, blah, blah.

It tidied up easily and shucks, Chelsie will be here later this week to do the real cleaning again, so I'm throwing caution to the wind as my creative juices flow.

Keeping with my tradition this year of doing selfies, I'll leave you with another shot of my lights...

...and me in my hoodie.  This smile is for all of you who have been so thoughtful this year.  I thank you for the prayers and good vibes that you have been sending out to and for me.  I had a friend call me yesterday for my address and she reminded that folks are still thinking about me and have been encouraged by my choices and (here it is again) my strength.

I don't think of it as being strong at all.  I think of it as living.  This is my life now and I am living it.  I have never been a weepy, weak kind of gal.  If truth be known, I'm more of the "track you down and make you sorry you messed with me" type of gal.  If that's being strong, then you bet your sweet bippy that I am...as have been all the women in my family for generations.

So once again, I offer thanks to you...my family and my friends...for everything.

Not to worry, I'm not signing off for the month, I'm sure I'll have another post before Christmas, but in the mean time, take a deep breath, be strong and live.


Peri said...

The house looks really good!
Shannon is cute! I am glad he was there to help sort out all that mess...I suggest an iMac..only one wire!
The mess in the kitchen...well, looks about like mine!
I think you need one of those tiny food choppers by Cusinart...it will chop up that spinach in 2 seconds or so! Just load and push one button until the stuff is as fine as you want it. Great to have.
You really have done well this year and for my part no thanks are needed. It is the way we roll!
"See" you one day soon.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Merry Christmas, Peachy! The lights look fantastic and so do you. ♥