Friday, August 22, 2008

Back Yard Birdies

I was out on the deck yesterday and man, was it noisy!! Where are all those birds? They are in my neighbor's backyard. They have lovely flowers and have put out a bright blue bowl of water for the birdies to bathe in and lots of other goodies. This is what I was able to catch with the camera:

Click on pictures for a closer look...

Heard At Check In..

"...ahh isn't it lovely here at the spa...

Then heard during treatment

"... Maggie, I'm telling you, I HEAR SOMETHING!

"...oohh, Babs, do you feel like someone is watching us?, creepy"

Their voices rise in indignation...

"...I'm getting out of here, this place is supposed to be safe.. I'm asking for my money back!"

All is quiet in the yard.

No birdies were harmed during this scenario.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm glad they made a safe get away!
Fun play by play!

Amy Sullivan said...

This put a much needed smile on my face.We often have the same "drama"
being played at our house.
Thank you ~ for the special prayers for our Shelty Boy.~Amy~