Saturday, August 23, 2008


Man, Oh Man...I'm taking a break from vacuuming. It used to be that DH did most of the housework, since he worked from home and I went out to work. Now that I am home, I thought it was only fair to switch those duties. (DUH, you would think being a woman, I would have been smarter than that) Anyway, this is how it has gone so far:

1. Bring out the vacuum, a really nice Electrolux Epic, that I still don't know how to work
2. Plug it in, doesn't work. Oops, have to turn the light stitch on.
3. Start vacuuming, get hot.
4. Stop and close drapes.
5. Take off shirt
6. Set the A/C to 60 degrees and vacuum in what my Gram called my "foundation garment"
7. Vacuum shuts off by itself. A light has come on that has a little icon of a trash can. Fancy.
8. Find new bag, thankfully my hubby is very organized and I found the correct one.
9. Start thinking about how inconvenient it is for the Queen to have to push the vacuum.
10. Decide to stop and blog whilst I cool off and look and see if there is a riding vacuum online. Yes, there is, but I want one that is made like a Segway that I can stand up on.

Anyhoo, that's it for now. I've cooled off enough to put my top on and continue. Check back in later for my review of House Bunny. Until then, happy Saturday.

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Nichol Brinkman said...

Susan, I LOVE that you say "fancy". Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made my day and I am glad you out danced those other pupils in the end! I feel camaraderie with you as I was also a chubby 4th grader! You need a treat when you are done vacuuming.