Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Several new things

First of all, sorry that I didn't show you the front of the altered vest. Here it is. Click on it for details.

I have lots of cute pewter charms and beads in my stash, so I added kitty-kat charms to the pockets and lapels. I chose pewter to go with the stainless steel snaps on the front.

Someone asked for my recipe for "sweet tea". This is what I do, I take two family sized tea bags, 64 oz of filtered water (we have a Britta faucet filter) and 1/2 cup sugar. I usually do sun tea, even if it's not sunny. Here you see the first stage:

You can use this method any time. If you forget to set it outside, you can put the pitcher and bags in the fridge overnight (cold brew method) and get the exact same results. The reason I like to do "sun tea" is to make the sugar dissolve easier.

After one hour and 15 minutes you get this...

I then gently remove the tea bags, pour about 1 cup of the tea into a container with the sugar, stir until dissolved and then put the tea syrup back into the larger container of tea. Much easier than trying to sugar the whole pitcher.

My husband likes coffee first thing in the a.m. I was the last one up last night, so I put the self timer on. I knew he might need a little hand getting his coffee ready, so here's what I left him...

Blogger refused to load this shot correctly, but you get the point. He thought it was funny. This is a polymer clay hand that I created when teaching myself to sculpt. I might need more practice.

One last note, I have chosen Wednesday's as my weigh in day. Hop on the scales and come on over to my weight loss blog. We would love to have you.

See you soon. Take care and do lots of art and fun things.


mcdc3s said...

The hand freaked me out!

Thank you for the sweet tea recipe. It was I who asked. I am addicted to McDonalds Sweet Tea. I am sure this will be even better. :) xxx I love your vest. I so envy your sewing skills.

Everwild said...

Oooh, again, Susan ... nice job on the vest. The hand is perfectly creepy just in time for Halloween!

Amy Sullivan said...

your vest turned out beautifully~ alot of work~ but, very nice.~kitty!~
we love tea here~ i will try it this way~ sounds yummy~

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love your new vest so cute, I always love altered clothing. Hugs***Renea