Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just checking in...

Well, just making a quick post to say hello.  I am getting back in the groove and have done several more paintings.  One I cannot show because it's going to be a Christmas present for someone that reads this blog, but one that I can post.

It's another seascape, painted from a photo that I took while in California.  I won't bore you this time with the progression of the painting.  As much as I loved using stick pastels, I am have great success painting with Pan Pastels.  They are so much fun.  But anyway here it is.  I took this shot right after sunset at Carlsbad Beach.  Hope you like it.

In addition to keeping house, taking swimming lessons and painting, this week I am going on a day trip to see four of Virginia's covered bridges and to soak in the fall colors of nature.  We will also be having lunch at Mountain Lake Resort, the film site of Dirty Dancing. Expect lots of photos, hopefully some that can be used as reference photos for numerous autumnal paintings.

Well, that's it for today.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Enjoy yourself and stay creative!


Ronnie said...

Susan! This is beautiful. Pastels are your thing!
I look forward to hearing about your bridges trip.

Peri said...

This is a really fine piece of work. I really like the hillside and the figures headed for the beach itself. Lovely waves...really makes me want to go there!
Hope you have fun on the trip and find lots of things to photograph, so we can have some more paintings to see.
Keep up the good work...you are improving so much!

Nezzy said...

OOoooh, the pics are gonna be great! I am just amused with covered bridges and dance a 'dirty' dance for me at the site of 'Dirty Dancin' oh girl...you'll...have the time of your live! ( I'm singin' here, can ya tell???) What fun!!!

You painting is just amazing, I loved using pastels, their so much fun!! :o)

Ya'll have the most beautifully blessed and colorful 'fall' day!!!

Tina said...

susan, again, I'm blown away. I'm telling you PLEEEEEZ make a print for us to have the opportunity to buy. I love the softness and color of this piece. beautiful!

kathyj333 said...

I love your art. Glad to see you're so busy. Take care.