Wednesday, March 30, 2016

progress report

As I continue to work on my painting, I constantly take pictures of my progress. This allows me to see the canvas from another perspective. You can view your work through a mirror and get a similar result. Taking pictures works well for me, plus it gives me a way to show you, my loyal reader, that my work usually starts out as a mess before it is transformed into a viewable work of art.

Often I will see something in an earlier version that I want to recapture and having done the progress pictures I can go back to what I did before.

Here I am literally just slapping paint on the canvas to check colors and deciding the lay of the land. The direction and shape of the brush strokes can give the illusion of bushes or little hills.  I also decided to take out the shed in the foreground, as well as blocking out the gas pump.

I may put some bushes or rocks in the field below the house or I may even incorporate a rock wall somewhere. I like to paint cloudscapes, so usually I add clouds and I can do a nice rock wall. When painting, it's more fun to include things you enjoy painting and it helps to establish your own style as a artist.

So, don't get scared, it's not finished at all, I'm just figuring it out.  More to come later.


Peri said...

Looking good so far. I finally figured out what bothered me about the truck..the bottom of the front and the windshield aren't facing the same direction in the drawings...the windshield is too far toward the viewer for the direction of the front grill and lights...but you can fix that...thank goodness for acrylic. It is going to be a nice picture and I am certain your friend will really like it!

Susan said...

I think what is bugging you is the side window. The driver's side window is what is facing the viewer. When finished the front windshield and the grill and lights will look correct as the side window and door will be facing the viewer at the correct angle.

Peri said...

Great! I was trying to figure out what was off! Glad you care enough to let me know!